Most people thin Norway is famous for its fjords, Vikings, and blonde people and not its fairy tale architecture.

Here are some of the most magnificent photographs of Norwegian countryside architecture. They are dazzling and look like they’ve been taken straight from the Lord of the Rings.

These architectural styles do range from ghostly natural waterfalls; stave churches built in Middle Ages and traditional wooden houses that have been constructed using the Norwegian vernacular styles of the 19th centuries.

Let’s check out the best of these amazing photos in Norway.

1Borgund Stave Church

2Barn in Vadall

3Bridge over Latefossen Waterfall


5Natural Swimming Pool in the Forest

6Under the Aurora

7Tjome At the end-of-the world

8Kvednafossen waterfall in Norway

9Old Farmhouses

10Christmas House

11Fairy house in Hunderfossen-lillehammer

12Old House

13Fjord Houses

14Bridge in Norway

15Old Village

16Lake Bondhaus

17Rogaland Gullingen


The beauty of Norway is amazing and breathtaking. Grab your passport and explore this gorgeous country.