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Now Hiring: Writers, Photographers, and Story-tellers

Love travel and life abroad? Have killer knowledge of an unfamiliar place? ExpatPost is on the hunt for new writers and content creators to join our global network. Our goal is to be the next Huffington Post — but for expats. And you can be a part of our amazing journey to bring the world to our readers.

The Role

We are looking for what we like to call “Swiss army knife” content creators who are passionate about life outside of the United States. At your core, you are a fantastic, prolific writer. You love crafting and telling stories, building an audience, and giving the People what they want. In addition to a mastery of the written word, you have other skills up your sleeve. Whether you’re a great photographer, chef, filmmaker, SEO analyzer, etc., we want you to bring more to the table than just your writing. As a founding member of our team, your voice will be a strong contributor to the direction we take our publication. We have some ideas, but we want you to have some too.

We are a remote-only company, so you are free to work and write anywhere on earth.

Current expats strongly encouraged to apply.


Right now, we are offering equity in the company to those writers who write 50 articles. We believe that after you’ve written that much for us, you should be a part of the Expat family for life. Imagine where you’d be if you owned a piece of Huffington Post Right now.