For ages, there have been some questions that we haven’t been able to find the right answer to, finally resigning with the conclusion that there is, after all, no right answer.

But not anymore – not for this question at least.

Thanks to social networking site Instagram, we now know that the most beautiful city in the world is *drumrolls* – ISTANBUL!!

The former Constantinople, Istanbul, which is the most populous – and popular – city in Turkey, has the best of both worlds – quite literally, being located at a place where Europe and Asia meet. Add to that the eye-catching picturesque scenery and some of the most exquisite and unique architecture, and you have the unopposed winner of the most instagram-ed city on the planet! From the corner of an ordinary street to the Hagia Sophia, EVERYTHING in Istanbul is a beauty in itself.


Let’s start with the awesome places of interest. Here’s the Hagia Sophia

Blown away by the beauty of the Hagia Sophia. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul

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And here is the Blue Mosque, which is beauty personified…

And let’s not forget the Basilica Cistern

…or the Ortakoy Mosque…

….and of course, the Topkapi Palace.

There are plenty of places to visit outdoors too. Take for instance, the Grand Bazaar…

Though I doubt you will ever make it to these places if you don’t push yourself out of neighbourhoods like the Balat…

??❣ @istanbulcity

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…or the Galata…

One of the oldest districts in #Istanbul, #Galata , offers you a time travel by walk. ? to @Audiosoup

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Your trip to Istanbul would be incomplete without tasting the incredibly sumptuous food. Take for instance, this Turkish breakfast – so beautiful you probably wouldn’t want to eat it!

Take a look at these Turkish bagels, locally known as simit

…or this Turkish tapas, known as meze

Let’s not forget the chestnuts!

And if your food has a background like this one, you just won’t be able to resist taking pictures…

And then there is the breathtakingly beautiful scenery: The mesmerising sunsets…

How to end a perfect dinner at the beach. @turkey_home #TurquoiseHunt

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Golden Horn ? @istanbulcity ?

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Even the ordinary day-to-day scenes are captivating…

Not to mention the night scenes…


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And the views from the Bosphorous, guaranteed to leave you absolutely speechless…

Hi guys! I am mentally with you! @Turkey_Home #FashionHunt

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What really makes Istanbul’s beauty complete, however, are its residents. Take, for instance, these guys…

You talkin' to me?!?! ?❤️ @istanbulcity

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Hello ?

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As i said, Istanbul has the best of both worlds. After all, where else would you find such a harmonious blend of the old and the new?