Meet the 24-Year Old Who Made the Best Drunken “Mistake” Ever

Booking a trip he can never forget


People making rash, hasty and unwise decisions when they are in a drunken state is a well-established fact. But people making a drunken mistake that turns out to the most fantastic experience one could ever ask for? Unbelievable, right?

Not quite.

On a fateful Saturday night in the month of August, 24 year old James Tyler made what would become the best drunken “mistake” of his life.

After a wild night of clubbing in Swansea, the Wales-based banker returned home to do something he would have never imagined in his wildest dreams, had he been sober – he booked a flight to Rio, paying in full!!

It is only when he got sober and found the email confirmation for the flight did he realize what he had done, despite having no recollection of it. Speaking     to BuzzFeed in an interview, he said, “I remember NOTHING. And it is all the more surprising since I had already spent so much money on last February’s trip to Las Vegas, any plans of travelling was completely off the cards.”

It wasn’t until the following Sunday night when James checked his inbox with the email confirming his flight booking with full payment, did he realize what has happened “I just run to my mum in shock, saying ‘YOU CANNOT BLEIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!”

And while he did try to cancel the booking, the effort went in vain since he had already missed the interim 24-hour period available for cancellation. While the dejected James initially decided to forget the booking and the non-refundable $797 that he paid for it, the temptation of spending a vacation all the way in Rio out on his own was something he could not resist.

He explained ”Every single person I talked to tried their best to put the fear of God into me – from South America being a very unsafe place to spending three weeks all by myself – I got practically every reason not to go.”

But the young man finally decided to go for the trip, “I had already paid for it. And it’s not like I was getting it back anyway. So I thought, why not enjoy yourself while you’re at it?” And off he went – against everyone’s advice, to spend a three week holiday in Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil.


As he followed his heart and embarked upon what turned out to be the trip of his lifetime, he came face-to-face with, and countered many of his fears, besides the one of spending time in South America all by himself. “All the mountain treks that I made really made me face my fear of heights – during those times, I sometimes felt like my heart would just [beat] out of my chest.”


Here is James, at the Iguazu Falls, which is situated on the Brazil-Argentina border.

He also visited the famed sloth sanctuary in Bahia, northeast Brazil – and perhaps, made some new buddies there…


He even went to Peru and Hiked to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail.


The one thing we can learn through James’ failure-turned-success story is that even the biggest mistakes can turn into the best things that can ever happen to you – all you must do is keep yourself calm, collected and open to new ideas.

According to the man himself, “Every single individual – and even your own self – will advise you against going to places and trying out new and different things. But you should just forget the fears and follow your heart.”