How Far Would You Go To Find The True Meaning Of Love?



Whoever said that love was the most glorious, yet the most mysterious thing couldn’t have been more accurate. There is indeed no man or woman on earth who has spent a large portion their lives looking for love – trying to find the one person who completes them and fills their heart and soul with the surrealism of being madly in love. However, there are only a few that have been anywhere near successful.

So what, after all, is the true meaning of unconditional love? While I couldn’t possibly tell you, perhaps this really adventurous couple can.

In order to discover the real meaning of true love, young couple  Manny Solano and Nancy Stevens recently went on a round-the-world adventure trip with one simple mission – living in the present, overcoming all fear with love, never saying “no” to adventure, and finding the purpose of life by breaking all the limits of every comfort zone.

The former DJs sold-off all their belongings, quit their jobs, and with packed bags set off to the Pacific, and over the course of the next few months explored themselves while exploring different areas of the world.

You would only be right to ask what they realized about true, unconditional love in all of their travels. According to Manny’s Instagram:

By having only my partner by my side in unfamiliar surroundings, we gradually realize that we can only love unconditionally when we bare everything with our partner, and bring to light those aspects of our personalities that had long since been buried in darkness, which can make something utterly unlovable to something totally lovable.

Truly, this is one couple that is a source of great inspiration to everyone.

Meet Manny Solano and Nancy Stevens

After spending a short holiday in the Bahamas together, these two lovebirds came to the conclusion that there was something that was missing in their life.

A month and a half ago a trip to Yosemite inspired us to take off and see the world. I'm writing this as I board a plane to Asia – going further from home than I have ever been before. It's crazy to think that only three years ago I was a cancer patient, seeing doctor after doctor in New York. When I think of where I've been in comparison to where I am now, I know for sure that anything is possible, that dreams do come true. I know that hitting bottom makes life at the top that much sweeter, that without the lows the highs would be meaningless. I am so thankful for my life, for my health, for the opportunity to live every day to the fullest, to start this journey in the vibration of gratitude. Next stop: Japan ✈️✈✈️

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And with this realization, both of them resigned from their high-paying DJ jobs, sold-off all their stuff, and headed on a vast journey through the Pacific to find the true essence of love.

During the early days of their touring, Nancy wrote on Instagram “I can’t believe how just two years ago, I was a sickly cancer patient moving from doctor to doctor back in New Jersey…”

✌️ out Koh Phi Phi, on to the next adventure ?

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“…Back then I could never ever in my wildest dreams believe that I could end up here. But now being here has made me realize with life there is no such thing as prediction – as your worst nightmares come true, so do your dreams. And if you’re someone like me who has ever hit the bottom, that makes coming back to the top a more surreal experience – after all, you need to experience both of life’s high and lows to experience life to its fullest.”

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And these two went on to experience some very incredible, intimate, and romantic moments as they travelled all around the world.

There's a great big world out there, go explore it! #nusalembongan #bali #mopedsandmanbuns #travel

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…exploring dense forests and ancient temples…

… Cascading waterfalls…

If you can travel well with the person you love, then you can pretty much make it through anything ❤️

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…and discovering their spirituality in the sand…

They even explored the bumbling marine life…

…and made some new (cute) friends…

Manny later said in an interview “While most people go on trips to learn and discover themselves, our purpose was more of an abandonment of what we weren’t…”

“For us, our journey has been an interesting mix of learning and exploring new things and observing its positive influence on our lives and who we are as a person. Not only do we get to know each other, we also get to have a refreshingly new view about things like love, life and happiness.”

Now for the big question: So what exactly did these lovebirds discover about love while travelling across the world?

Bali, you will always have a piece of my heart ❤️

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“I for one, realized that the true meaning of love is to literally love without conditions – to love, accept and appreciate your partner inside and out, just the way they are, with all the darkness and light in them…”

“…unconditional love, therefore, is to be honest to a fault and totally vulnerable to your partner, and let him or her see you in your entire entirety, which will then have nothing but compassion for you. Finally, you will realize that you are in the safest place in the entire universe, where you know that there is nothing you can say or do that will make her run away or not love you any longer… “

“And when you are travelling with your partner, there will be a time when you will know absolutely everything about each other – good, bad, or ugly – nothing will be able to stay hidden…”

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“Another thing that you realize is that every single moment is memorable – from standing underneath the cascading waterfalls to holding each other’s hair while vomiting from an unexpected allergy – even the less illustrious times are worth remembering“

“While I did lose my mind, I finally found my heart”, says Nancy.

Now that, my dear friends, is something that no money can never ever buy…